Announcement of Service Termination

" Let it GHOOOST! " was end all operation on 8/29/2019.

We would like to thank all of our players who enjoyed the game, and hope to bring everyone more fun games in the future.

Good-Feel Co., Ltd.


Free to play ※Some in-game purchases
iOS to 10, Android OS to 5.0, Windows7/8/10、Mac OS X

First-time Players:

  • What kind of game is this?
  • It's a match-up puzzle game in which you must line up 3 of the same colored ghost to make them disappear.
  • Can I play for free?
  • The basic game is free to play. However, you can spend money on "Ghost Medals," used for purchasing in-game items.
  • What OS and Web browser have been tested to work with Let it GHOOOST!
  • The following OS and Web browser have been tested to work with Let it GHOOOST!:
     - Android OS to 5.0
     - iOS to 10
     - Windows 7
     - Windows 8
     - MacOS X
    Web browser
     - Mozilla Firefox
     - Google Chrome
     - Opera
     - Safari(MacOS)
    Other OS and Web browser not listed above may not function properly.
  • Do I need to register to play?
  • Users who have a Facebook account can log in to their account to play against or help out other Facebook friends who are also playing the game.

How to Play

  • How do I match up ghosts?
  • You must align three of the same colored ghosts either vertically or horizontally.
    You can move the ghost up, down, left or right to match them up.
    The more you match more you can make powerful ghosts!!
  • How do I complete a stage?
  • You complete each stage by fulfilling its completion conditions, within that stage's time and move limits.
  • What is Life?
  • You need Life to be able to start each stage. If you fail to meet the stage's completion conditions, you'll lose 1 Life.
    If you have no Life left, you cannot try any stages!
  • How do I recover Life?
  • There are following ways to recover Life
    ・Auto-recovery: You will recover 1 Life automatically every 30 minutes.
    ・Purchase with Ghost Medals: You can buy 5 Life (full recovery) with Ghost Medals.
    ・Ask Facebook friends: You can ask a friend to send you 1 Life.
    ・Recover by viewing ads: You can recover 1 Life by viewing Advertisements.
  • What's the difference between Continue and Retry?
  • Continue
    The continue screen appears if you fail to complete a stage.
    You can continue to play from your current status by using ghost medals or viewing advertisements.
    *In the Move-Limits Stage, the remaining move count will be added.
    *In the Time-Limits Stage, the remaining time will be added.
    You can try the current stage again from the beginning by using 1 Life.
    *You lose 1 Life when you fail to complete a stage.
  • Treasure Chest
  • At the stage with a treasure chest icon on the map, you can get life or items as rewards when you clear the stage for the first time. You cannot receive rewards in the second play.
    *Stages where the treasure chest was added after clearing, you can get rewards by clearing the stage again.
  • What about stages where a boss appears?
  • Sometimes there are monsters blocking your route across the map, or monsters that have stolen the key to the next area's gate.
    Defeat them to get items as a reward.
  • What are items?
  • There are two categories of items:
    In-stage items (there are various kinds) can be used to get a little help when you're stuck in a stage, or have almost completed it and need a little push.
    The other category, Gate Keys, are used to progress to the next area.
  • How can you get Items?
  • You can get items by clearing the treasure chest stages for the first time, by purchasing them with Ghost Medals or you may also get it by participating in the events.
    (Depending on the type of item, you can buy via the map screen or purchase via the icon displayed in the stage.)
  • Where can I use items?
  • In-stage items can be used while you play any stage.
    Gate Keys are used automatically when you obtain them.
  • How can I get Ghost Medals?
  • You can increase your Ghost Medals by buying them.
    To be directed to the Purchase Screen, click on the 「+(Plus)」sign beside your own amount of Ghost Medals.
    You may also get the Ghost Medals by participating events.


  • How can I turn off the background music and sound effects?
  • Tap the button at the bottom left of the Title screen or Map screen to access the Options window. From there, you can toggle sounds by pressing the BGM and SE buttons, setting them ON or OFF.
  • What are Friends?
  • Your Facebook Friends who are already playing this game will be displayed as your friends.
    You can compete with friends in the rankings, or you can also exchange Life-Requests.

How to take over your data by syncing with Facebook

1. Please log in the game "Let it Ghooost" on your current device and tap the "Facebook Login" button at the Title Screen.

2. After syncing your game data with your Facebook ID, please install "Let it Ghooost!" in your new phone, after launching the app, tap the "Facebook Login" button at the Title Screen, in order to sync your game data with your new phone.

Your game progress data will be reflected in your new phone by following these steps.

*You must register on Facebook to use it
*If you already had sync with your Facebook ID, the "Facebook Login" button may not appear.

How to check your Game ID:

1.Clec/Tap the option button (Gear icon) which is on the "Title Screen."

2.Players' ID is on the bottom of the option screen.

*You cannot find your ID in the option screen from the World Map.